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Marmalade has come to be a truly unique Moscato, fruit forward and great to pair with almost anything. It is a wine for anytime, but we wanted to share with you the secret details to our success. From grape to glass, we wanted you to know how Marmalade came to be.

Notes about the vineyard: This wine was designed from marrying two unique vineyards together that are nestled in the heart of the California AVA. Each vineyard imparting its own unique characteristic to this California Moscato.  The micro climate of the vineyards is approximately 10 degrees below the average temperatures which allows for the fruit to become more concentrated. With warmer nights and the slight drop in temperatures in the evening, it allows the fruit to ripen to its prime concentration.

Winemaking notes:  This Moscato is a blend of Muscat Alexander and Orange Muscat to create the perfect mix of tropical back notes and a sweet orange finish. These wines were fermented separately in stainless steel tanks to fully develop their unique characteristics. A low temperature and a slow fermentation rate allowed these wines to fully develop in flavor. When the fruit flavors, acid, and sugar reached the perfect balance the wines were arrested to stop the fermentation. This allowed us to keep a sweeter profile along with bright, fresh acid. After fermentation the wines were blended for the perfect glass of this California Moscato.

Tasting notes: The flavor profile ranges from candied orange rind to hints of melon with a nice kick of fresh picked Meyer lemons. On the nose you will notice aromas of spring orange blossoms and apricots with a slight hint of lemon. The sweetness of this wine is balanced by bright acidity.

Pairing: Beecher’s No Woman Cow’s milk cheese- this cheese is veined with Jamaican jerk spices. It’s earthy and nutty flavor gives a great savory counter balance to Marmalade’s smooth mouthfeel and sweet finish. Serve with some water crackers for a perfect wine and cheese chat.


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